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Successful heist? Member betrayed

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Robbery has been successful, one of its member gets betrayed and left for dead. His team thought he died but didn’t and comes back to try and kill them all.

I remember a scene where the guy goes to get revenge on one of the members of the original heist- he delivers pizza to his door, the man goes up stairs to get him his money he then shoots him dead

Any help would be appreciated

Kickbobby Answered question Jul 25, 2022

I remember a scene like yours, but I don’t remember the movie.

Revenge movies like your request are for example:

“Payback” with Mel Gibson

“Parker” with Jason Statham

Regards Robert

OmegaMan Posted new comment Jul 26, 2022

My first thought was also “Payback” but not sure about the pizza bit.
Cool movie, though, recommended!