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Strangers meet on the airplane ! What is name of movie ?

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Can someone help me with the name of movie I watched last year but forgot the title ?

Is not Up in the air, Destination wedding..

Woman and man met in the airplane while sitting next to eachother, he was going to the buisness trip. They went to Mexico and I can remember pictures of beautiful hotel and beaches. They fell in love, she was staying in his room, I think they both had partners in the back home USA but they lived in different countries..
Movie is about destiny that brought them together, after they gat back home, after few months they re/connected again and thats how movie finished..
Is filmed between 2016/2019 !

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Yes thats the one ! Thanks so much I searched everywhere for it , on imdb, whatismymovie and sites for watching and couldnt find..


the red thread

glad that was it…it took awhile to find. enjoy

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