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Strange Dreamworks-like movie?

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there was a strange animated movie I saw back in 2013, the movie has a Dreamworks vibe to it(kind of like flushed away) and well… here’s what I can say about it.
what I remember is it was about these tiny elf-like people in a tiny steampunk-like world that was really a Television Show in their universe, it was a tv show about racing, for some reason in the beginning of the movie the main characters have to enter the human world for a reason I do not know of, that’s all I can remember really, small details I can remember like some kind of Volcano inside the tv going to destroy the world or something like that.

Deewee Answered question May 8, 2021

This looks like the movie:, Zino & The Snurks
(Aka Gaya)

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