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Stalker/Killer movie – need help with title

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Okay, I cannot think of the name of this movie to save my life. I’ve only seen it one time, 5 years ago or so. The basis is a killer or stalker, who kills someone on the side of the road. The lead is a female detective or journalist, my brain says Halle Berry but I’ve checked all of her movies and didn’t see it.

Things I remember well:
– the lead woman ends up having sex with the suspect, and ends up being pregnant – this comes to play in the end
– a scene where the suspect’s landlord says his water bill has been insanely high, and checks the apartment to find the shower running with urinal cakes in the tub to cover the smell of something (dead people / animals?)
– a car chase of sorts, possibly the suspect forcing the driver to drive at gunpoint

I’d like to say this movie was based on some real crime(s) but I’ve checked and haven’t found anything very directly related to what I’m trying to remember.

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Taking Lives (2004)?

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