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Movie that was on Netflix filmed in Spain, in Spanish. I remember a young woman who has a older sister smoking weed telling the younger sister to chill. I remember the younger sister cutting something in the kitchen sort of having visions.The house they lived in had French/Spanish architecture and was big. I remember the older sister breaking up with the boyfriend but all 3 ending up at a house with ghosts that were trying to kill them. They were at the house at night and I can’t remember any more. It was made between 2012-2016 and was on Netflix but lost the name of the movie cause I lost my account.First I saw a movie called Kidnapped, filmed in Spain, and when I watched it I was guided to this movie that I can’t remember.I assume the younger sister was goody goody and the older sister like to party. I also assume there was someone else at that house.

Chisco Answered question Jun 21, 2022

It’s not Veronica. The movie may no longer be on Netflix. It took place in a New Orleans like Spanish house that had interior black gothic banister gates. The mother wore a head covering. But the house they were in wasn’t haunted but the house they were led to were. That’s all I remember. I think the younger sister had the power.

The movie may have taken place in Madrid Spain or in the country.


Thanks for the ideas. Those are both good movies, but the movie starts out in their house with the mother and ends in another house with both sisters and the boyfriend who they are mad at for some reason. I think I saw this movie in 2016.