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Spaceship survivors

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It’s set on a spaceship. The Earth is either destroyed or uninhabitable, and humanity has survived in space. They have population policy on the space station where they live, no more than one child. A woman has two daughters, one of them keeps in her room for years. She was hiding under the panel on the floor of the room when the guards came to check on it. Then he was secretly coming out. Later on, the film caused an oxygen problem, and to reduce the population, they chose some of the lower classes of people they had chosen and threw them into a mass sleep and thrown them out of the ship.

casspir Answered question Aug 17, 2019

When did you see it? When was it made approximately? Maybe the pilot episode of the TV series “The 100”?:

Looks like the beginning of the 100 series
I watched the movie between 2012 and 2015.
There’s an oxygen problem on the spaceship.
They were throwing lower-class people off the ship.
There’s a population policy, you can have one child at the most.


The pilot episode of the TV series “The 100”:

Dehset Posted new comment Aug 17, 2019

no but thanks