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Soviet attack on Alaska

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Movie made 25-45 years ago about Soviet invasion in Alaska. US military unit chased by Soviets and they end up at a compound where the soldiers hide in pipes to direct fire at the Soviets. They are vastly outnumbered. Soldiers can’t see each other when in pipes but they have to trust they will each defend each other form the enclosed pipes.

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TV Mini-Series “World War III” (1982)

Quote from an IMDb review:
“The film is about a President who relies on a national guard unit low on ammo to battle russians sent into alaska to destroy the alaska pipeline.

Quote from the IMDb synopsis:
“In 1987, Soviet paratroopers drop into Alaska to sabotage the oil pipeline in retaliation against a United States grain embargo. A skirmish occurs at a pumping station, lightly defended by Col. Jake Caffey and a National Guard recon unit.”

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