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Soldiers and Monsters (humans) fighting eachother during a sand storm

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here’s the description of the movie:
The movie was probably made during the late 90′ early 2000 and it’s an action/horror film.
The movie is about a group of soldiers (futurist black colour full body potection equipped) that are being sent to a village in the middle of a desert during a sand storm, when they arrived they dind’t found anyone, but when the night settle down a group of “monsters” that looks like human arrived and the two group started fighting eachother, if i remember correctly the soldiers had laser (maybe?) guns, while the monsters had strange weapons all hand made (medieval looking swords and some ninja looking weapons).

Abba Answered question Aug 2, 2022

This one might also be a stretch because there is no military per-say, but thought I would include it anyways

Cowboys and Aliens

elo Posted new comment Aug 2, 2022

it’s not this one. thanks for keeping trying to find it. the soldiers that were in the movie i watched had futurist full body armor black colour equipment, you could see their full head. i don’t recall seeing any famous actor in that movie. i watched it once when i was little, but throught all these years i have never seen it on tv again.


The other one I’ve been thinking it could be is John Carter

But it was released in 2012 so it’s not quite as old as something from the 90’s!

elo Posted new comment Aug 2, 2022

thanks again for trying to help me, but still nothing. i watched the movie when i was around 9 years old (2011) from what i remember the movie looked like made during the late 90′ and early 2000. from what i recall it looked scary, it was in english language probably made in Usa.


Ok, so this might be a stretch, but could it be Stargate the film from 1994?

elo Edited comment Aug 2, 2022

Abba, it’s not the movie i was looking for, but thanks for your time and the reply