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society that has a cast system a oval jewel in their chest.

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Please help, i saw this movie when i was a small child and this is all i can remember about it .

The move is old but in color. it is set in the far future. a society were everyone has a oval jewel in their neck. each color tells others the cast you are in, work you do, if you can reproducer or not. a black jewel is for those that cant reproduce due to cloning or some genetic amorality. that’s all I can remember

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Island City (1994)

“The movie touches on many themes including genetic experimentation, virtual reality, and state-controlled marriages. Citizens of the city wear a colored crystal on their sternum based on the individual’s genetic makeup, and can mate only with other citizens of the same color. Progeny resulting from people of two different colors would have the genetic mutation that, when combined with the “fountain of youth” drug, created the race of proto-humanoids”.

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you got it THANK YOU

You’re welcome 🙂