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Slasher Film – Murder kills a film crew that it filming a movie

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I would have watched this movie before 2007. No idea what year the movie was released. Pretty sure we had it in VHS.
Pretty sure it was a dark blue or black cover. It had a film strip with still from the movie going down it.

I am starting to think this movie was just a dream. I have done so much research trying to find it.
I am pretty sure that it was about a film crew that was film a movie. They were filming a movie about a murder. And that murder was actually killing them. I am not sure if the murder was like a hometown story and they were making a movie out of it. Or if they murder came to life because of the film. I remember at the end the murder was in the movie theater and he killed a woman watching the movie.

Kramerjp Answered question Jan 16, 2022

Killer Movie (2008)?
I know it’s a year after you said, but it has the cover with film going down it.
The plot has a film crew doing a reality show.

Kramerjp Answered question Jan 16, 2022