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Short series 18-19 min/episode

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hi, i hope can someone help me. I remember i saw some episodes in 2019-2020.
It was about a young woman that finds out she’s an android or smthing like that and begin to search for clues.
Her memory is being deleted by her therapeut/mother daily or smthing like that. In the first episode she dies
or get injuried very hard and when she wakes up she remembers that she saw metal throught her flesh
and cut his skin to see her arm again. I remember that there were more androids on the street, but she was the only
non-robotic one. Another thing that i remember there were 2 seasons, and every episode was like 15-20 mins long.
Sorry for my bad english, i hope someone remebers it.

flowcustoms Posted new comment Apr 3, 2022

unfortunately it’s not, i searched on imdb for hours, and android it’s not a good keyword…that’s why i posted here, it’s like the series have been deleted from everywhere

Problem solved, i searched it all day and finally found it. I was talking about “dont look deeper”. I dont know how to set this threat solved. Imagine looking for a 2 hours mini series for almost 2 weeks.