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Short film, black and white, post apocalyptic setting

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This has been racking my brain for many years… please help!

Description: This was a short film I watched on the SciFi Channel (now Syfy Channel?) in America, I think in the 90’s. The film is in black and white, I feel like it was made much earlier than the 90s though I think (reminds me of Wizard of Oz before Dorothy sees colour, in terms of style).

Its a post apocalyptic setting, like a nuclear bomb must have gone off. There are two men dressed in complete hazmat body suits, they drive up in a modified car (like something out of Logan’s Run) and search inside and around an old house which looks like a typical 1950/60s country farm home. I think they are looking for gasoline or diesel…. On the way back to their vehicle, one of the men gets a small tear in his suit, near his arm. I believe he caught it on some of the junk (farm equipment?) that was laying about in the yard. He starts to stumble, and the other man helps him rest by a dead tree by the house. I think he help’s take off the man’s Helmut/safety mask. He is about to leave, but turns back and sits next to the man who is near death now. He then takes off his mask and says “My name is… (I forgot what the name is)” in a very raspy voice. He has to repeat it. They then die together.

Overall it was very powerful (at least to me) and has stuck with me for over 20+ years…. I’d love to watch it again, but sadly cannot even remember the name…. please help!!! Thank you!!!

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That took a while to find 🙂

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oh my days….. this is it!!!!!

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