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Shoots everyone and switches on an alarm

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Hi Guys, trying to find the film I saw in late 80s on tv. I remember only the last scene of the movie (or an episode).
It is pretty weird: a hitman sneakingly enters some sort of apartment with many rooms in it and starts quietly assassinate everyone inside with a handgun with supressor. He walks from room to room and shoots people one by one, even kills some guy sho was taking a bath (sic!) literally shoots him in the forehead. Crazy! T
As soon as he hits like 5-6 people he goes out and turns the alarm on, and on this moment the film (or an episode) ends.

Saw it when I was a 8 or something and I just want to know WHY the character did it…. it does not let me go for 30 years.

Herooftheday Asked question Sep 28, 2020