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I’m looking for the name of a series of movies from I think the 90s it’s about two men racing against each other to find these missing pieces of a weapon scattered across space and time the villain travels in a sort of mec-robot and the hero has a sort of ship and he is traveling with some kids who ended up caught up in the race and decide to help him. each movie they find one pice of the weapon I know one of the movies one of the kids gets captured by a giant and in another one towards the end of the series involves mushroom people they meet after the kids try putting the pices together without all of them at the end of all the movies it turns out that the guy who you think is the villain is actually the good guy and vice versa I think it is 7 movie long but it’s been 20 years since I last saw them any help will be appreciated this has been driving me nuts looking for the last 5 years

vid872 Posted new comment Jul 29, 2020

Is this animated? Maybe non-english? Could it be an anime or tv series?

it’s live action, and in English. and I believe each one is 60-90 minutes long. the villain(who is actually the hero as you learn in the last movie) rides in a mec suit. and the hero (who turns out to be the real villain) rides in a ship with the kids who he tricks into helping him find the pices of the missing device


Is it Highlander?

vid872 Posted new comment Jun 9, 2020

great movie but sadly no