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Sensual movie about girl going to a new school, sexy teachers there hold a dark secret!


2010’s maybe? It’s a really fancy school she goes to, might be a boarding school. The faculty are all pretty sexy, hot teachers. One I *think* starts seducing her dad? Turns out they are some sort of cult and are going to sacrifice the lead girl for eternal youth or something.

I remember one scene she is trying to run away from the teacher and hides in the bathroom. The female teacher makes it inside and gets real close to her face and kind of, succubus sucks a bit of life out of her.

I remember another scene where a student has to go to the nurse and I think they end up dead or missing?? The cult gets them.

I remember the girl kept having flashbacks about her mother who drowned in the ocean.

The vibe is not so much terrifying horror… more mystery/thriller. Kind of has indie film feel to it. But done really well. I think it was on Netflix (possibly Amazon Prime) 5ish years ago? Thanks for your help!!

BuffyPaws Edited question Aug 1, 2022