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Seeking the name of thriller movie that takes place in a car for the most part


Description of the movie I seek:

A black man has a car breakdown, and he is on the side of the road, waiting for
help. A white man, stops and talks to the black man, offering his help.

At first the black man explains the situation. Than the black man suddenly gets
aggressive and even pulls out a gun! Than the black man says something like “ah just kidding around”.
Moments later they both enter the white man’s car. I am not sure if the white
man gets forced into (his own car) or that (despite his odd behavior) he is offering the black man a ride.
From that point on (about 20 minutes from start), the movie takes place inside the car entirely.

Being in the car, they talk a lot. In the end they have great respect for each other.
The drive ends at a certain location. The black man exists the vehicle, and leaves a (farewell?) letter behind.
It might be the case that the black man wants to die so he can provide for his wife using his life-insurance.
But for that this to work out, the circumstances (of his death) must be suitable.

Release year: not sure but before 2000 I would say. I don’t think the actors are very famous.

List of movies that are not the movie I seek:
– Cactus
– The Man
– Collateral
– Short time
– Changing lanes
– Nothing to Loose
– Breakdown
– Wrecked
– Falling down
– Taste of Cherry (added only after it was guessed)

zaq Changed status to publish Jul 22, 2022

Nice guess, it has similar elements, but it is not that movie. I’ll add it to the list.
Thanks for trying.