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searching on this from long time (looks like the odyssey (1997) but its not)


hay everyone , i hope all have a good mood to help me, bcz am reach my limit with searching

this movie i cant remember any actor or actress bcz i watched it for one time in my childhood but i remember some really good details … even the ending lol

# hints
– this movie am not sure about it but its tv movie for some reasons like the directing and the effects, definitly not a cinimatic picture .
– really looks like the odyssey (1997 miniseries) thats why i strongly think its the same ara “90’s” but still am not sure.
– i cant remember exactly if it is a greece mythology or not, but its still close from that.


if i am right in beginning of movie their is kind of revolution happend and the people choose one to be a king.. that am not sure about it but am comfortable with this idea..
but now i will shre what am sure 100% it is in movie :
– a woman ( kind of sorceress ) read the tarot cards to the new king and she is mentioned something about some evil will takedoun the king and more important that she said “one kiss of true love kill the devil” something like that not a qoute but strongly same idea, am sure..and after that the king kissed her and she was looked shy..

– the king marry to beautiful woman and i think the sorceress wornning him from her but he was already falls in her magic .. she was a witch or devil i cant recall the describtion of character ,
and she throw the king out side the kingdom and he start his adventure with some crew (includes the woman who read the tarot cards) and all what i remember from this adventure is something like ice cave make the sorceress freezing and almost dead or something and she was naked and the king covered her with own cloths .

– the ending : all crew will back to the kingdom and he had a fight with his wife until she transformed into devil or dragon, ugly dragon.. and he was remember the tarot words about kissing, and he kissed the monister (kissing scene was really disgusting) and killed her in scene seems like she is burned or something .. not sure , Happy Ending …

its B Movie or less .

Chisco Answered question Jul 31, 2022

Could it be Merlin’s Apprentice?

2006 – 2 part tv mini series

Some details you mentioned are similar but it’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen it so I am hazy on all the details!

Abba Answered question Jul 30, 2022