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Searching for movie title: African-American woman giving relationship advice. Romance movie!

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I’m looking for the title of a movie.
If I remember correctly, it starts with an African-American woman (the lead actress) in a yellow dress or suit, speaking to the camera about how her friends have horrible husbands/boyfriends, but her relationship is perfect. She gives her friends relationship advice, but then her own relationship is ended by the guy. The movie is about how she tries to win him back, which in the end she does. One of her girlfriends has a boyfriend that she ‘found somewhere on the street’. He had bad teeth, so the woman fixed it by getting him to the dentist and giving him gold teeth. Another one of the friends is quite large. That’s about all I can remember, so I really hope someone knows what movie I’m talking about!


VHS_Lives Posted new comment Jul 6, 2020

it was a mostly black cast comedy? where’s the love?

Thanks for the comment, but this is not the movie I meant! It does look like fun though, I might watch it 😉

is it a mostly black cast? a comedy? how old? there are several of these i am trying to flip through….
was the big friend black too?

Yes, it’s a mostly black cast! It’s a romantic comedy I think, and the big friend was black too. All the boyfriends were black too. I remembered another detail, it ends in a bar, the bar where the main character met her boyfriend and were they get back together in the end.

I have no idea how old the movie is though! If I had to guess I’d say it’s at least 5 years old and probably a bit older than that.