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Searching for a movie from the late seventies/early eighties

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Okay, the movie i’m looking for is from the early eighties (or maybe the late seventies). I’m not sure what it’s about exactly, but I can sum up a few things:

I’m sure about this:
– Action/Adventure/Thriller
– Definitely early eighties or late seventies
– Movie starts with a few criminals leaving in a small plane after a heist they pulled off. The plane gets birds in the engine and crashes.

Not so sure, but this is what I remember:
– The movie title could be something like Shark Bay.
– A detective is investigating something and the occurrence with the crash has to do with this.
– The movie ends with dismantling a bomb.
– The movie could be from Australia or New Zealand. Could be set in Miami too.


xangadix Asked question May 13, 2020