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Searching for a movie about an old posessed man wandering through the forest killing people


Hey guys, so I’m searching the name of a horror movie on amazon prime I’ve watched in the past. I’ve checked the web and search history and can’t find it anymore. It’s about an old guy wandering around in the forest (but he’s kind of a demon I think). One day there is a family moving in an old house with a daughter. In a night they notice the old man and I think they let him live in a shelter nearby and he does some work for them. Eventuelly people die in the family. Now there is like a huge part missing, but I can remember souls of people in form of butterflys in glasses and a weird ritual with fire and a few native people. Also the daughter is really close to getting killed by the demon / old man i think. In the end someone find’s himself in like a completly different dimension on a violet planet, where basically nothing exists.

I know, this is really not a lot of information, but maybe someone of you saw the movie as well! I think the title was rather short and something near “The wanderer” or “The traveler”, but these are not the movies I’m looking for.

I will be really happy for any answer. Thank you guys! 🙂

BobWithAnU Asked question Aug 16, 2022