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Searching for a few old movies

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Hi. So, here is what I have for you. I’ve tried the Russian movie community for years, but no luck. I’m new here, don’t know all the rules, so sorry in advance for maybe violating some of them.

1. A pretty old movie where a father gives his son a watch (I think it was a wrist watch, maybe gold). Then I remember a scene where some older boys steal that watch from the boy and jump over the fence so he can’t follow them. Years go by, the boy becomes a teenager or maybe an adult. There was a scene with his friend? in some diner and I think years later in the end, he finds the watch somehow. I don’t think there were any well known actors there. Should be American. Not sure, I was just a kid of 6-7. Shot sometime in the 80s, maybe early 90s. I had a VHS. And its Russian title had the word “Big” in it.

2. Again some low budget action movie from the 80s? or early 90s with no famous actors? Not sure. Starts with a murder of a family during a picnic in the woods. That’s all I remember. Then there was some policeman or just a man on a bike and a blonde? woman and a lot of action, shooting, some cabin in the woods. Maybe that guy was the son of the murdered parents who was taking his revenge.

3. Some horror movie. Maybe very old, maybe around same years, 80-90s. Maybe American, maybe not. All I remember there was a wall of dirt in a cave and there was a woman buried alive under that dirt with her eye looking out and rolling. Creepy.

4. Sometimes you just forget things. A very famous movie where a woman rolls a piece of ice through her face. It’s shot from the side, she’s lying down and rolling that ice cube on her forehead, nose, lips. It melts, there’s water on her face. Can’t remember the movie but must have seen it many times.

5. Some old? low-budget horror with no A-listers. Should be American. Some tall blue weird guy with a blue face doing something in the basement. He also had some kind of ring. Sorry, all I remember.

6. Some Michael Pare action movie, definitely sci-fi, 80-90s. Low budget. Pare, some girl, some caves and weird guns. It’s not in space but some version of future world. IMDB doesn’t help even though I know the actor. Or maybe it was someone else and not him. Can’t be older than 1995.

7. Another movie, a bit older. Early 2000s I think. Very similar to all parts of Wild things but not it. Low budget, no famous actors. Two girls fighting in a pool during a party? One of them is not who she says she is. She killed her friend or maybe sister and took her place. Or maybe she killed the sister of the second girl and that girl found her out. The girls were trying to drown one another and one of them, the bad one also killed a guy or tried and failed. In the end, the good girl won and killed and buried? the evil one. I think it was a thriller and these two girls were friends until the ugly truth came out. Should be American.

That’s all. Sorry, I know it’s a lot but maybe finally I’ll find some of these.

Thanks in advance Answered question Sep 6, 2020

I think the 7th one could maybe be Jennifer’s body, some parts of the description match up…
Hope you find what youre looking for! Answered question Sep 6, 2020