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Searching after movie for many years.

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All i can remember is a scene.

Its young character ( age 25 -35)

He breaks 4th wall.

He is at a party where people are sitting on the couch and some standing. He then talks to us viewer about what drugs they use and how they use it and how to share it.

Almost as wall of wall street acting but here it is about different drugs.

Movies is before 2013 and not older than 1980

BuckAhRue Answered question Jul 17, 2022

Hi, might it be American Psycho? It’s definitely fourth wall-breaking and I think there’s a party drugs scene

It’s not American Psycho. It has some scenes that could be it but in the movie i remember they explain drug use, like a man walks in the livingroom talkikg about peoplw in the background using drugs and what kind of drug. How you fit in and how to use it. It was such a eye opening movie. I thought i will remember it. Many years later i cant find it.


I vaguely remember seeing something similar.

Was it Blow (2001)? :

Or Spun? (2002) :

*EDIT/UPDATE* : I just remember this movie from 2013: The Wolf of Wall Street

Alexxiis Posted new comment Jul 19, 2022

Hi. Thanks for Trying to solve my problem finding this movie i dont find.

Blow and spun are good movies and wolf of wall street. But its not one of them.

Let me describe more of the scene i remember.

A guy stands while a group of people are sitting in a couch. He talks about what drugs they use. He explains short how people like this act.. he tells us how to act and share theese drugs when using them.
And then joins them.

Its not a documentary its a movie/4 th wall type movie.

Noy easy findinh this one, even i am a movie guy who watch aloot of movies and remember them. But this one skipped my mind.. so many years