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It is about a group of people in a building (apartment/loft/attic) who open a gateway to other dimension or summon something with a spell/spellbook, only to unleash nightmare on earth.

During the movie one by one get killed, if they try to get out of the building something kill them, one guy gets his head ripped off when he trys to show what is outside.

At the end two of them get alive out, but the enviroment is not hospitable as the new world is full of monsters.

jemjemo Answered question Feb 25, 2022

Evil Dead 1-3 or the remake?, The Gate II: Trespassers?, Demons 1-2? Night of The Demons 1-3?, The Dunwich Horror?, They Found Hell?, Hellraiser 3?
That scene sounds very familiar, I thought of Evil Dead but I can’t remember very well. could be any of those movies above, hell there are many similar ones 😀

Alen Posted new comment Feb 26, 2022

Thank you, but no one of these movies is it, the end scene is similar the end in Cabin in the Woods, there is no hope only dystopie