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Science fiction, 70s/80s: machine to change blood and a press to crush a strong person on spaceship


Hello, I would like to ask for your help to find the title of this movie I saw sometime between 1977 and 1982: it is a science fiction movie of the late 70s/early 80s, I remember 2 scenes:
1) a weird machine to change all blood of a person (I think for some benefit that I can not remember); I think in the movies there are two scenes where you see this change: it is not splatter nor distressing, just described by the people in the room;
2) the fact that the crew of a spaceship or lunar/planet base are trying to trap a person (or humanoid) in a press that is showed to be able to crush “the strongest material in the universe”” a tiny ball of something in grey color: this material is crashed by the press, but when the strong person/humanoid is trapped in the press, he/it can withstand the pressure. I do not remember what happens next.
Thanks a lot!

movienotmemory Asked question Apr 10, 2022