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Sci fi movie from around 1992

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I’m looking for a movie I can’t remember for sooo long! when I was a kid I watched a scifi movie in the cinema and I remember it very vaguely.
I remmemebrr there is an elevator scene with a few alien/monster like guards and the pratogonist. They enter the elevator and they lead him to their boss or something.
I remember there is a city in this film maybe new York city. I remember smoke coming out of the subway pipes in the street.
I seen it in theaters around 1992.
Fun fact, before the movie started there was a trailer of jurassic Park.
I just wish I could remember more it’s been 30 years since I saw it in theaters and never found it again.

farcry Posted new comment Jan 25, 2021

This is a list of all the sci-fi movies released to theaters in 1991-1992.,1992-12-31&genres=sci-fi

Maybe you’ll recognize it just by looking at the covers.