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Sci-fi: A foreign shield growing, taking over planet

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(Produced between 2009-2019?)This one is futuristic, about a foregin “Thing” (from outer space?) that appears on earth, and starts growing a shield around itself. This shield is slowly getting bigger and embracing more and more landscape. (Which happens to be in a beautiful forest, likely with animals like deers and rabbits)

The people go inside for investigation and science. People are disappearing suspiciously. (They find bushes shaped like humans!)

Turns out the shield consists of a whole new CLIMATE, making living life vanish, and then being REPLACED by a look-alike creature.

All in all: To what I recall, there was kind of an extraterrestrial force trying to replace the living with something better, or “perfect”.

Near the end of the movie, the main character is not far away from figuring out the truth behind it all. He finds the core in the middle of shield (which is a creepy deep hole inside a light house by the sea) and has to fight for his life, not to become “replaced” by this mirroring figure of himself.
I remember it being brainstorming. Main character dies in the end and give us new questions, with kind of an open ending.

I think the front title picture shows a deer in the woods.

VHS_Lives Answered question Jan 1, 2021