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Scary old movie I saw on tv in 80s

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Scary old movie. Hooded cloaks. Once they get you, your eyes turn white.

Tim Answered question Jan 16, 2022

Probably The Omega Man. Sci-Fi/horror film from 1971 with Charlton Heston in the lead. Most of mankind is wiped out by bio-warfare. Only a handful survive the virus. Most survivors are changed – psychotic and sensitive to light (their eyes are white). The infected gravitate to a charismatic leader who is hell-bent on wiping out the few humans who survived unchanged. The cult members dress in cloaks.

Heston is a scientist who is immune to the virus. He lives sealed off in a building with a lab where he toils to discover a cure for those infected with the virus. But the cult leader doesn’t want to be cured. Each night is a stand-off with Heston fending off attacks by hundreds of the infected.

I wasn’t able to post the image directly, so here is a link to an image at imdb showing some cult members with their white eyes and cloaks.

Jman Posted new comment Jan 16, 2022

You are amazing! How did you figure that out? That is it! I need to watch it again as an adult, the images haunt me. Thank you so much!