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Sad Christmas Movie with Horse

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I am looking for a christmas/winter movie with an orphan (I think) girl and a horse (or a donkey or dear). I think that in the end the horse dies and the only thing she has to remember it is a small wooden horse. I saw it in the big screen in 2012, so this must be the year of the movie’s distribution. I just can’t find the title, any help?

P.S. It was a very sad, moving christmas movie and not so festive and happy. Also, I don’t remember if they spoke english, but I have my doubts.

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Marina Selected answer as best Dec 8, 2020

I found it! It is called “Winky’s horse” and it is actually a Netherlands’ film (2005).

Marina Selected answer as best Dec 8, 2020

I think this could the animated film “Annabelle’s Wish”?

Marina Edited comment Dec 8, 2020

No, it’s not an animated movie, it is a live-action film. Also, it isn’t so old. Thank you for trying, though!