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Romantce, christmas, real estate agent, rich guy, poor woman

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Hi everyone
I’m looking for this movie: it was a cheesy romcom christmas movie (not sure if it was hallmark or marvista or another production company). It’s roughly from the years 2010-2018. There’s a rich guy that is looking for a house to buy with his girlfriend/fiancee, then he meets a middle-class real estate manager. He splits up with his girlfriend and later pursues the RE manager.
The female lead has parents that were soviet spies. Somehow she leaves home to live at a new place. But the new place is a scam and the landlord rented it to 2 other persons.
Anyways, later she falls in love with the rich guy, and there’s like 1 kiss in the end of the movie when they celebrate christmas.

(And a TV show that I’m looking for, it’s not urgent though: It had 10 episodes. It was happening somewhere in Latin America /or south america. There’s a teenage girl who gets harassed by her stepfather. So she decides to flee and goes to the big city (Idk if it was in Brazil, or maybe Argentina..). There she struggles because some people stole her money, so she was homeless for a night. Then she meets a boy who helps her, and she sells flowers.. Again, it’s something between 2010-2018 I think).

Thank you so much in advance 🙂

Hihi Asked question Dec 1, 2020