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This international film used to be on Netflix back in 2010~2014 ish. I believe it was non-English, a European film, forgot what country.

Young couple in love want to get married but come from different classes. Guy decides to join navy or ship crew to make money or a name for himself. In the meantime, the girl’s family is adamantly against them getting married because he’s poor and forces her to marry another guy from another wealthy family with old money.

The guy learns of her marriage through a radio on his ship and he’s heartbroken but also furious. He ends up being a hero and being awarded with his own ship, becomes a captain of sorts and ends up very rich. He comes back to their hometown and purposely pursued the main girl’s younger sister as revenge. Her parents remember who he is but finally accept him because now he has money, even though it’s new money. He ends up marrying the younger sister and purposely has loud sex in the household (he moves in with the girl’s family for some reason) to make her jealous/heartbroken.

Anyway, in the end- the main guy gets killed out at sea, and the main girl becomes utterly stricken with grief, neglecting her growing children and even taking care of herself. She literally withers away and dies in the end too while her children leave with their father (her husband) to America. She was never able to recover from her first love and the heartbreak that ensued.

oceanmoua Asked question Mar 6, 2022