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Revenge with final scenes in prison, main character standing in prison cage sunset & dust or sand

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Hi guys and girls.

I am looking for title of movie where main character (white male) build or joined the gang or mafia to make a revenge on somebody from the past (other gang boss/ murderer of family?). He was well planning and logical thinking person. Finally he got to jail but i think he made it on purpose. I remember some of the final scenes it was like he was standing on the courtyard beeing closed in prison cell/cage in middle of it and he was making workuts on the bench or sthg. Some people were visiting him and giving him updates about what is going on and finally (if i remeber good) he dies after his revenge on other character. All of these final scenes have some kind of Mexico filter on it 😀 (a lot of sand and dust, orange light like from sunset on the horizon).

If i remember good he was bald and with glasses. Do you know what movie it might be?

I’ll really appreciate any help 🙂

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Kickbobby Selected answer as best Sep 12, 2022

Some, but not everything, of what you say remembers me to “Shot Caller”.

Kickbobby Selected answer as best Sep 12, 2022

That’s it.
Thank You so much! <3

hmmrs Answered question Aug 30, 2022