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REAL HELP NEEDED What movie is that?

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few years ago I’ve seen a movie in TV. It started with a scene when an elegant woman came to a Cadillac dealer and took one of the cars for a test drive. The year was 1978 or 81. Then a year came by and a police arrested her for stealing the car. She said something like “they said I could test drive the car as long as I can”. Later I remember a scene when the woman steals some jewellery in a mall. When a security guard catches her with her son she slaps her son, and when police arrives she says to the officer that the security guard hit her son. She makes her son to confirm. Latter there’s a scene when her husband and son plays some video games. The woman doesn’t have a job, her husband makes all the money. They’re quite a rich family. Finally her husband and also the father dies of a heart attack. Now movie happens is the 90s.
Latter she dragged her son in some illegal business. Finally they commit a murder together. Police find out who’s guilty. They kill a hotel hostess or someone like that.
Last scene I remember happens like in early 2000s. She’s now old and goes to court. She pretends to need a whealchair when she really doesn’t and argues about that in court. Court finds her guilty and the movie comes to an end as far as I remember.

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Could also be A Little Thing Called Murder (2006)
Both are the true story of Sante Kimes.

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This is it. Thank you very much!

You’re welcome!


Like Mother, Like Son (2001)?
With Mary Tyler Moore

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