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Random tech movie from the 80’s

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Hello, this is my first time using this… And I need some help. There’s this movie from the 80’s (I think maybe 90’s [I was able to rent it as a kid]) and what I remember is as follows:

The movie starts out with a team working on a device for motion controlled computers. There was a glove that had to be used with it that had a gel with it. (There was one scene where someone put the glove on and compared it to a used c****m [not sure on censor, just want to be safe]) and I want to say they were surrounded by shelving, because they had to use old parts. The reason for this, is their job, the college, whatever organization that they were working for was going to be shut down, and someone stole their other tech to present it to someone in a big meeting.

They only had about a week(end) to make an upgrade. WELL THEY DO. The Upgrade is basically the equivalent size of a small flashlight, but then when you put it on the table it becomes a full holographic computer that can be fully used. The device was silver. Shiny silver.

Random things that I remember from the movie:
1. there was a slide in the school/. office.
2. The power was going to be shut off, but they finished the project EXACTLY as it shuts off (why I say 80’s)
3. I want to also say there was a courtyard, with white walls, and brick topping.

Any help would be much appreciated, I have hunted for years for this and have has no luck

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was it the actual power glove from nintendo?


newer, but “the first $20 million is always the hardest”$20_Million_Is_Always_the_Hardest

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