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Quantum physics romance thriller … blind man


Okay so basically I watched this movie back in 2017 on YouTube it said it was a free movie but the picture and title wasn’t the same … anyways beginning scene a man and wife are arguing on a date she walks to leave and he gets in car as they are arguing she is hit and run by a big truck … she actively dying as he rushes to her side and you see all these colorful “cells/vibrations” she dies (not really only her physical body on earth as she is subjected into a new parrel quantum universe) he’s desperate to find and search for her through different parrelel universes and quantum realms … he finally finds someone that believes he can do it .. man being said who believes the grieving man is blind … blind man tells about how he can jump realms to find dead wife bc he himself (blind man) has done it before with his sister … his sister got stuck in a different realm/universe and he’s been trying to save her … also discovering how he became blind was from him trying different types of quantum traveling machines to get his sister back … at the end of movie they are both successful with getting the women back BUT. The blind man is stuck in the realm with his sister .. he losses his blindness and can see again …. All as well in trades for the “dead” wife girlfriend coming back to the physical realm/earth with her boyfriend/spouse …… actor who plays blind man looks kinda like a great value version of Ed Sherran with re hair

farcry Posted new comment Jul 18, 2022