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Putting a title to a “mystery” movie


I vaguely remember watching a movie in primary school I watched it in p7 to be specific. so I would have been 11 meaning the movie would have been pre-2000. possibly pre-1990 but i would say not pre-1980. basing this on the special effects.
I know we watched two movies. One including the Bermuda triangle and plane crashing with a phantom magnetic force affecting the dials in the plane.
This movie however I feel had more of a sci-fi, mystery feel. the most notable part is the ending epilogue. The movie ends with a faded out scene while traversing through a dark room. to then the summary of a deep philosophical rhetorical question which has a “Meaning of life” feel. short but strong question, something like “What if?”. I am sure thats the wrong question but I feel it was structured similarly.
The author H.G Wells comes to mind as I feel i can remember the teacher had a fascination with H.G Wells and aliens. i am pretty sure the movie had aliens in it. similarly to war of the worlds but older than the 2005 movie with tom cruise. In fact for the two weeks I have been trying to identify this movie I keep convincing myself it had to of been War of the worlds as it has a similar feel to the movie i am thinking about. I keep going round in circles as I have vague memory of the movie the most memorable part is the ending of the movie fading out while traversing through a room almost like the camera is gliding through the room while text comes on the screen with the philosophical life rhetorical question, I remember taking a few minutes thinking about how profound the questions where. But for the life of me I can’t remember or track similar questions that would spark a memory.
Sorry about the big speech with lack of real movie tracking information. I am just hoping someone picks up on any info and pieces the puzzle for me as this has been baffling me for a while now. The teacher was a substitute so I really have no way of finding her.
Cheers in advance for any help I feel like at this stage I would pay money to find out this info. any offers welcome if correct title is found.

WherEmEweeD Asked question Oct 3, 2018