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Psychological horror/thriller


I have been looking for this movie for years now, and are hoping that some of you might know of it.
It is a movie where a woman has taken a child from a family and taken her as her own, so bleaching her hair and putting blue contacts in her eyes, she also changed her own appearance.
After that, she moves to another city or country, where she meets another pregnant woman whom she becomes friends with, and the pregnant woman invites her to live with her and her husband because they have an extra house on their property.
At first, the husband is not keen on the idea of her living at their house, but slowly over time, he comes to take a liking to the new woman in their house (as a friend).
Secretly the other woman tries to take the pregnant women’s baby, as she did whit the other baby, but this time she also wanted the husband and her life.
But in the end, the husband and pregnant woman catches up with what she had planned and she ends up going to prison.

(Last time I saw the movie I believe was around 2013-2015 on Netflix, and I have never been able to find it ever since),

Camilla Asked question Jun 9, 2022