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Probably Chinese or Hong Movie, could be any east asian movie

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The movie is either a 90’s or 00’s movie. It is not in HD quality.

I particularly remember the ending scene where 3 or 4 boys/young men go up to the older man (who is a tough guy and he was also the villain I think) asking him to fix the bomb but he said it is too late looking like he’s in regret and stands there allowing himself to die.
The boys themselves start running and eventually they reach a window and jump out of the window side by side whilst the building explodes. The scene shows them jumping from the perspective of the inside of the building so you see their backs whilst they’re jumping out. The scene after is them on a beach having fun in some way with really good music.

I remember a scene in the middle of the movie where there is an middle-aged short man who is an “idiot” and he is jumping down with a parachute. It involves police and other such things.

It is definitely an east asian movie but I can’t remember the details to know the specifics. I don’t think it was Japan or Korea because I don’t get that kind of vibe from the place in it that I remember. I think it’s chinese or Hong Kong but this is difficult to tell.

It’s main language is not english, but I watched it with english dubbed. The dubbed quality was off and odd. Didn’t watch with original language so can’t say anything about that.

I feel like this is a very hard one, especially since it’s not english. I would be pleasantly surprised if anyone can get it.

RosieBrokeMyHeart Asked question Aug 16, 2022