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Prison Movie assistance required. PLEASE!!

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I am trying to think of movie I watched one. But I can’t remember who was in it or what it was called. I really can’t even remember the synopsis.

So let me tell you what I can remember.

I believe the movie is set in a prison of some sort. Might even be a prison island. The main protagonist is planning an escape. He makes some kind of Christmas card and gives it to his girlfriend?. It is checked by a guard first and given the ok. The card says (or maybe he says to her) ‘Look under the Christmas tree’. When she gets home she scrapes away the tree and underneath is his escape plan and where to meet him.

Another part of the movie is where the guards realise he is missing (and others) and seem to be aware they are hiding in hay or hay bales. They stab the hay with pitchforks hoping to kill or maim.

Does anyone know just what movie it was that I watched all those years ago ?? Its been driving me crazy for WAY too long

WaggaWombat Asked question Mar 15, 2022