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Priest or hunter killing a demon/devil


Hi there,

I’m looking for this movie where a priest or hunter, can’t remember exactly, is trying to kill a demon who had a nest of eggs from which more demons were spanning, and because the priest/hunter could not kill the demon he assembled a team to kill them.

The key moments that I remember are:
– priest/hunter trying to kill a demon
– this demon had a nest where he laid eggs
– the priest/hunter had a cross blade weapon

I believe the movie was released somewhere between 2000-2009

Amaron.JK Posted new comment Dec 26, 2020

The Movie Name is Priest 2011


Could be wrong, maybe your thinking of van helsing? I think near the end when he’s fighting Dracula there are eggs all over the place in the castle.

pashunfruit Answered question Dec 25, 2020