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Pre 2002 airplane hijacking movie where a few people who fight back are killed


Ok, I’ve scoured the internet for this film to no avail, so this is a long shot. A few moments are vivid enough that I want to find it, but most details about it are very vague in my memory. I watched it in Mexico around 1999-2001. I’m pretty sure it’s not from earlier than the 90s. I can’t recall if it was in English or had English subtitles. (It may have even been in some language other than English or Spanish.)

I’m afraid I actually only saw a fairly small portion of the film! We came in on it already in progress and only watched a short segment.

Here’s what I seem to remember: some ‘terrorists’ have hijacked a plane with handguns. I vaguely recall at least two hijackers, one man and one woman, possibly more. I think maybe their ethnicity was either non-white or not having English as a first language. But that’s a maybe. Two passengers, a man and a woman (white, I think), exchange knowing looks and decide to try to overpower the hijackers. They both are obviously combat trained, whether police or military or something else. They engage in hand to hand combat with the hijackers and manage to disarm them and turn the guns on the hijackers. I seem to recall that this didn’t decisively turn the tables, that maybe there were other hijackers in another part of the plane that still had to be reckoned with. Regardless, somehow this whole scenario is reversed. The hijackers regain their handguns and gain control of the man and woman who tried to fight back. Then comes the part semi-burned into my memory: the woman hijacker puts her gun to the woman passenger’s head and pulls the trigger. (I seem to recall her doing so from above, with the passenger on the ground.) The hijacker woman then breathes a sigh of satisfaction. She maybe says ‘bitch!’ and/or something about how that felt good. I can’t remember the quality of the film, whether it was any good or not. But this sudden and totally unexpected dashing of the hopes of an attempted resistance by combat effective passengers and the sadistic point blank execution of one of them really disturbed me at the time. I think the channel was changed by my host shortly after this, so I have no context! Can anyone help me find this film?! Thanks.

Dan P. Unselected an answer Aug 11, 2022

Thanks for the suggestion. I did look into this one already. But while the synopsis of Passenger 57 has some similarities to the film I remember, it doesn’t seem any of the hijackers is a woman. Plus, even the relatively short segment I saw would likely have featured Snipes at some point. I’ll watch Passenger 57 at some point to eliminate it with absolute certainty, but I’m already 99% sure it’s not the one. Thanks again.

OK. Here’s a list of films I found searching as “airplane hijack”. Give it an eye:

Thanks! I’ll check these out ASAP. 🙂