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pre-2000 monster movie

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All I remember is that the main bad guy’s daughter is the receptionist, and on scene where he sends her into the file room (in the basement i think) and while she is looking through the file cabinet, one of the monsters (fish man i believe) nearly gets her but she isn’t aware that it’s there and after a near miss with the monster that she doesn’t notice, she leaves the file room none the wiser. If I recall correctly, the hero grabs her from the front desk at the end of the movie and they leave in his car. But I definitely remember that we don’t find out that her father is making the monsters until the end of the movie, right before the hero rescues her. I remember the confrontation between the hero and her father in a hallway where the father escapes in an elevator (old time with a grate you pull closed by hand i believe).

JoeKing12001 Asked question Apr 6, 2022