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Possibly a TV Movie from 80s or 90s

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I’ve been trying to figure out what this movie is for years now – I think it was probably a TV movie and based on the hair I’m picturing I would guess it’s from the 80s or 90s, definitely no later than the early 2000s. The whole movie you’re following a man and you think he’s hunting down the thug that killed his daughter based on the flashbacks you see but by the end of the movie you find out he was actually going to tell a family member that she had died and that it was his fault and you see the full flashback – the daughter was mugged and had her keys stolen so she had to break into the home where she lives with her parents and thinking she’s a robber, the father shoots her and that’s how she died. If anyone can tell me the name of this movie I would so appreciate it!!

LiterallyMe95 Asked question Jun 30, 2020