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Policewoman hears voice that helps save lives

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I recently saw a small clip on IGTV, and I can’t find the clip again. Not sure if it’s a movie or tv series.

A lady sitting on a bus hears a voice saying stop. She asks the bus driver to stop, but he asks if she’s trying to tell him how to do his job. The voice repeats stop so she says stop again and bus driver stops just in time as a small child runs out in front of bus to catch a ball.

Next we hear the voice saying free them, and we see the lady looking at two german shepherds. A man named Jared? says it’ll be a felony to let them go, she says I know, I’m a cop and opens the gates. The dogs go to a tin cargo storage box and she breaks the lock to find two girls huddled in there. They arrest the owner of the property, and oldish guy. They are American.

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It’s from TV series called “Manifest”

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