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Hi watched this movie a while back and forget the title!

The beginning off the movie is about a girl that moves from her parents as her dad was trying to set her up with a man she never wanted to date so she starts driving somewhere and gets out her car and leave everything in the car even her mobile phone and starts walking till she finds somewhere, she ends up landing in a bar and gets extremely drunk and the young guy the owns it lets her stay there and he ends up offering her a job and they fall in love, the young guy ends up getting a visit from his abusive step father wanting money back that he owes so they start fight and he has a brother or cousin that is a police man, then her dad finds out and doesn’t approve so try’s to pay the guy off with money to stop dating his daughter and get her to move back home!! She ends up finding out and moves back home but the guy goes to her parents house with the money for the dad and tells him he doesn’t want it as he’s in love with his daughter! Really need to find the the title

nadiacree1998 Edited question Jan 10, 2021