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Please try to help me think of this movie!

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I am almost positive this was from a movie, although it could be from a TV show. I was remembering a scene the other day, and now it’s driving me crazy because I can’t think of where it’s from. Here are the details:

– It is a love story (I think).
_ A couple goes on their first date. At the beginning of the date, the guy gets a phone call from a friend. The friend on the phone states that their house has been broken into and they need help ASAP. The guy on the date apologizes to girl and explains that he needs to leave to help his friends. The girl is understanding and actually goes with him to the scene of the break-in.
– The couple gets to the friend’s house and the robbers have already escaped.

I know this isn’t much. But if anyone can tell me where this is from, I would really appreciate it!

ashnicole_13 Asked question Dec 6, 2021