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Please Please help me find this 80s or early 90s movie

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Hello All,

Please help me find this movie about a female teacher with supernatural powers. It has to be 80s. I can only remember few scenes and its driving me crazy. I am ready to even buy you drinks. Please help me.

In one scene a female teacher joins a school which has a very strict principle.

New teacher in one scene telling her students a story of angles and the papers from the desks of the students start flying and the students are shocked.

In another scene that teacher gives the idea of Graffiti on the wall of the school. Principle doesn’t like that and that teacher with supernatural powers is fired and in later scene a team visits that school and really admire the graffiti art on the wall and appreciate the art done.

Please help me finding this plssss

Yshahzad233 Asked question Jun 28, 2020