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Please help with the title of this movie

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Watched this movie on “axn” in early 2000s(definitely 2004 or before) in which there is a girl who is often seen riding bike probably wearing black leather clothes (could be a hitwoman),beats up bad guys.I Remember 2 last scenes of the movie in which the girl meets a man (he could be a hitman and her lover), they both kiss and when she starts to walk towards her bike she turns around and fires a bullet at him and the man falls in the water pond.Girl goes away on bike but the man survives as he was wearing bullet proof vest.In the very last scene of the movie the girl fights with bad guys,the man she shot earlier also helps her and they both finish them off.Man then asks the girl to join him or return to him as they both will make a great combo but she refuses saying its over as she has left the job.She rides off on bike and the man devastated kills himself by firing a bullet on his head. Please help find this movie.

VHS_Lives Posted new comment May 26, 2020

was this an asian film like maybe the zero woman series?

No,it was definitely not an asian movie

was it futuristic like an aeon flux? maybe more revenge themed…i assume it seemed newish when you saw it