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Please help to identify adventure movie from 80s

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Adventure movie from 80s (maybe early 90s, but unlikely)
Ex-military and scientist are going through jungle in the search of treasure.
They find remains of a helicopter with a skeleton with a gun. It appeared to be ex-military man ex-copilot.
Threasure map has 3 “Khuman” (or something similar) that points to danger. 3rd danger was a giant blind snake, which was attracted by the scent of the map.

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Oct 27, 2021

Anything else specific you can remember? What kind of treasure was it? This was in english?


Maybe “Hands of Death” (1988)?

I have not seen it, but according to the IMDb keywords, there are treasure hunt, skeleton, python and treasure map in the movie.

Interseek Posted new comment Oct 23, 2021

Unfortunately, it is not the one