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Please help my terrible memory find this film about automatons

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I’m looking for the title of a film I saw a few years ago. I watch a lot of films and years of illness have taken its toll on my memory, so I just can’t retrieve it. I’d really like to see this film again but despite days of internet searching I can’t find it. This is what I remember about it:

A love story
Some books are found are the end of the film secretly hidden in the walls of an old house about building automatons
A cafe scene
The father of a character is building some sort of automaton in his shop/workshop

It could be a foreign film.
It’s not Hugo!

I think I saw it about 10 years ago and it was a new film at the time.

I’d be grateful if anyone can help or give me more clues! Any suggestions will be welcome. Thanks in advance.

VHS_Lives Answered question May 27, 2022