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Please help me find this old animated movie/series.


I am looking for a animated movie or series. The movie/series was animated and is quite old, maybe from the 90´s or early 2000´s.
In the beginning there was this man (wearing a tank top) with his child (and wife probably too) being chased by the military. During the chase he ran through a lake or some water of some sort and stood in the middle of the light a military helicopter projected on him. While standing in the middle of the water he got shot and I remember blood coming out of his mouth, so this probably wasnt a childrens movie.
Then, I reckon, was a time skip and his son or daughter was in some sort of mysterious academy.
I think the movie had some sci-fi elements to it, but else there isnt really anything i remember about this movie i would be very thankful if someone could help me 🙂

Excuse my english, not a native speaker.

Bushwookie73 Asked question Dec 28, 2020